Sync Atom settings across different computers

I’ve been playing with different text editors lately although I’m still at home withSublime Text 3. I also tried Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code but I feel it’s too strict for me. Right now I’m back again with Github’s Atom. They all feel the same since I don’t think I’m using atleast 50% of all the text editor features.

My only requirements for a text editor are syntax highlighting, support for linters and can split comfortably. But I’m also having a hard time syncing my settings between my home and work machines. When I was using Sublime Text before I use symlinks and dropbox for syncing. With Atom they have an extension called sync-settings that uses Github and Github Gists to store and retrieve your settings, which is pretty cool!

Although it doesn’t support automatic backup. It’s still very easy to backup and restore. To backup, open the command palette and search for Sync Settings: Backup and to restore you only need to search for Sync Settings: Restore and viola settings are restored.

If you are using Atom this will be the no. 1 plugin you need to install.

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