I found this on Unsplsah. Ever heard of it?

What “Should Designers Code?” Articles Taught Me About UX Design

Wow, UX Design. It Pretty crazy. Should designers code? Skecth by Bohemian Codeing. Empathy. User personas are like code. Sass, javescript front-end framwoork. Whcih prototype app is the best; InVision, Pronto, Computer, Flinto, Greg, InVision, Marvel, UX Pin, Pricple, STove, or InVision?Have ypu tried Sketch yet? </uxdesign> User flows are CSS. Empathy.

“Omg, you still use Bootstrap?”

UI is not UX. UI IS UX. UXUXUXUXUXUXUIUIUIUXUXUX. Should Designers Code! Shoud Coders DeSign.. Shoudl desginsre desing?????? UX IS CODE. Delightful interface. What my failed marriage taught me about User Experience Design.Eampathy. What Mark Zuckerburg tugh t , me about design. UX MEDium post. Github Pull Request is UX Design. Startups. Apathy. What my $4,500/month San Fraansisco Apartment Taught Me About UX Design.

Uber, but for finding a grave plot. UX Design is Ux Design. Des

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