Urban forests are dying. Baltimore shows us how to bring them back.

Trees line the streets in Baltimore’s Bolton Hill neighborhood. Photo credit: Andrew Zaleski

Is there any truth to anti-aging schemes?

Photo: SSPL/Getty Images

Pinewood derby racing — and the dads who just can’t get enough

Hand-crafted cars ready to race at the 2019 championship of the National Pinewood Derby Racing League. Photo credit: Andrew Zaleski

There’s still a lack of openness, and even awareness, when it comes to men and infertility struggles

Illustration: Peter Gabriel Gehrman

A plant-based food startup is building the machinery to replace America’s favorite meat at an industrial scale

Illustration: Jess Hannigan

Illustration: Jaedoo Lee

What the federal lawsuit against Prevagen says about the American supplement industry and the brain

Illustration of a vaccine and the caduceus weighed on a scale.
Illustration: Kate Dehler

Inside the movement to launch a human challenge trial for Covid-19

A photo collage of an empty bedroom, a portrait of Starcity CEO Jon Dishotsky, and a refrigerator with a welcome card.
From top left (clockwise): An empty bedroom from a Starcity residence in San Francisco, CA; Starcity co-founder and CEO Jon Dishotsky; a welcome card for new residents at Starcity is shown on the communal refrigerator. Photography: Jason Henry

Nonresidents must wear masks, and some residents are staying in their rooms

Even Dr. Pimple Popper is tackling the coronavirus

Illustration: Wenkai Mao

Starcity’s property at 229 Ellis Street in San Francisco. Rent for Starcity residences varies depending on the location, but generally ranges from $1,000 to $2,300. Photography: Jason Henry

Into the Valley

Some have doubts

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