How to deliver 1.8 million words in 60 seconds.

Haris Khan
Sep 21, 2018 · 2 min read
How to deliver 1.8 million words in 60 seconds. the power of storytelling

Startups and Entrepreneurs with a new product or service offering always find it challenging to deliver new concepts and complex information in a simplified manner to attract the audience. Imagine you have piles of datasheets explaining technical features, benefits and what the new products offer to its potential customers but what will you do? Upload all that to your website and ask people to read pages after pages?

NO, because the average visitor coming through Google organic search result spend approx. 53 seconds and the direct visitor coming from other referral sources spend approx. 1 minute and 50 seconds on your website.

You have a small window of opportunity to capture the attention of your visitors and to convert them into your potential customers.

How to quickly convert your website visitors into your customers?

You need something fast and simple to deliver your complex message in not more than 60 seconds or less and your best chance is with a VIDEO, showcasing the features to communicate the features & benefits in a simple and engaging way.

Here is how you can deliver 1.8 million words in 60 seconds, Consider the following

1 picture = 1000 words -> Video delivers 24–30 Frames per second

Therefore, 1 second of video = 30,000 words -> 30, 000 words x 60 seconds

→1.8 million Words delivered in 60 seconds.

Most important is the quality of video and production you chose to represent your brand, product or service. You can make a free video on your own or you can hire a video production company to do it for you.

There are several things involved in a video making:

· A captivating and powerful video script

· Quality & Professional voiceover

· Storyboarding to capture & deliver your concept

· Creative visuals & illustrations

· Combination of all with animation to deliver an engaging and converting video

I will be doing another article explaining “how to make a video that can convert and sell” for you. In the mean check this out, a full video production service delivered by us for a smart voice badge device XOWi

I would love to help you with video contents, video production & animation, Connect and chat with me on LinkedIn if you have any questions/ comments as a Startup, Entrepreneur or business feel free to ask with your questions and comments. OR simply send me an email

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Digital media and technology consultant

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