Is your Freelancer driving you NUTS

Haris Khan
Sep 4, 2018 · 1 min read
Retention model, best outsourcing strategy

As a #business or #startup for your #digitalmediaservice hiring multiple Freelancers is not the right answer for you if you truly want to reduce your cost, secure your data/assets & looking for consistent quality.

You have to negotiate the terms for each project, manage new people with new hires, always not sure what the end result would be and you spend a lot of your time, efforts and resources to get things done.

RETENTION is the right answer for the business of any size, startups, entrepreneurs, and for anyone who is in constant need of outsourcing their digital media service.

You can retain the service on monthly basis and ease yourself. By working with one agency or individual it will provide you cost benefits, reduce your pain and will increase your productivity by allowing you the time to focus on your core business.

we are working with clients on the retention model for past 5 years & If you are looking for tailored retention digital media service for #GraphicDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #video #animation #digitalmarketing #mobileapps & other services of #digitalmedia for your business success drop me a line ✉

#outsourcing #outsourcingmanagement #digitalmediaservices #digitalmarketing #graphicdesign #webdesign #socialmediamarketing #retentions

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