My LinkedIn post that disappeared for hours

Haris Khan
Sep 27, 2018 · 2 min read
My LinkedIn post that went missing for hours

Today is the 20th birthday of Google and I was feeling a little excited as I have learned a lot by simply Googling. I am definitely not the one that Google’s “When I am alone I Google myself” :).

Here, I am sharing the same with you on #Medium, do share your valuable comments.

Happy Birthday, #Google. If not you, who would have told me about the amazing stuff like:

— Why are there no cats on the Mars?

— What is Love?

— Where to get weed?

— How to get a girlfriend?

— Why are the kardashians famous?

— Is tea just gay coffee?

— Who is Siri?

— Why my p*op is black?

— Where to get talent?

— Who is Donald Trump?

— How to Kiss, make or get pregnant?

— Why do we fart, need food and water?

The runner-up → Who is my wife?

Searching this on Google after spending 40 years with your wife, and the search result pop’s out as “How the heck I know when you don’t after all these years”.

The #BirthdayCake goes to ==> Who is your father?

A relief to more than 25% of American’s, Now they can ask #Google “who is their father”?

What’s your learning with Google? On #Googles20thBirthday //with my ♥ to #Google, now you are a #BigDog teaching #HowToTrainYourDragon from #AKHaris

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