Bags online shopping

Bags online shopping has its pros and cons. There are many factors that are considered like an online store, price, and delivery options. More and more people are going for purchasing bags online. Still there are lot of misconceptions that are required to get cleared.

1. Internet literate only can buy bags online
Online shopping portal has made it very easier for customers to buy bags online. We have added many features and utilities on our website to make purchasing process simpler and faster.
We have a search feature wherein you can type the item you are looking for. Then, we have a chat feature where you can get connected with a staff for better assistance. This means that you don’t have to be a technical guy to navigate the website.

2. When shopping for bags online, you have no choice but have to pay the price mentioned on the website
This is not the truth. In fact, you can compare the prices on various portal before shopping bags online. There are many websites that has the feature of price comparison on their website.
3. Customers who are having access to cards can purchase bags online.
It’s a baseless misconception. Other modes of payment are also accepted by the bags online portal. Apart from debit or credit cards, cash on delivery is also the very lucrative option. Larger stores allow their loyal customers to open a business account, then the online store raises the bill to the customer.

4. Online shopping sites delivery everywhere
It is mentioned on each bags online shopping sites that in which areas they are providing the delivery. They are very clear about their area of coverage.

5. Bags bought from the online stores are of poor quality
This is not true. There is a very common misconception in the mind of people that the online stores are selling poor quality bags. In fact, the online store purchases their stock from the same manufacturer as a brick- mortar store do. If any customer has any complaint, we try our best to resolve it at earliest.
6. You cannot share your credit card details to online shop
All the bags online store has the secure payment gateways. Customer’s personal information is safe and secure with the secured payment gateway. The personal information contains debit and credit card details.
7. Bags online shopping portal is expensive, meant for affluent people only
It is not true. There are many promotional offers where you can get the best buy option. You can get the great value for your money. You can pick the best bags online according to your choice.
Moreover, you also save your cost on fuel and parking fees and other expenses.

8. Not able to feel how the bag will look like
People have the misconceptions that they will not be able to have a look at the bags online. Many images taken from the different angle are uploaded with the bag. This is to make you feel that how the bag look, what it is capacity etc. The features are also listed so that you can understand the quality and USP of the bag.
9. I would not be able to get my money back if I am not satisfied with the product
This is the very common perception that the customer will not get its money back. However, there is refund and exchange terms and conditions are mentioned on every website. It clearly states that there is 30 days or more refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
10. It will take a longer time to receive my bag as compared to purchasing in-store.
Online store processes the order as fast as they receive the order from you. Most of the times you get the delivery on the same day or next day. Count on the bonus side that you can track your shipment. Moreover, a lot of traveling time is saved.
11. You cannot buy bags online as you have always take them from your uncle’s shop
Please break this stereotype. Please move on! Uncle’s shop is not going to last for a longer period of time. Even uncle also buy bags online.
12. Online shopping is against our culture
Many people have the thinking that they will never do the online shopping. They have no reason to explain this habit. But you must consider the positive features like your convenience, competitive pricing, discount coupons, and deals.
13. Don’t trust online shopping people
Many people think that whether they will receive the same thing ordered. Believe us no online web portal want to dupe you or steal your money.
14. Only youngsters are the online shopping addict.
In a recent statistics, it was shown that more than 23% online shoppers are between the ages of 35–45, 24% are between the ages of 45–55. So, you need to break this myth.

With this explanation, I hope that we have cleared your doubts. Now you can also go to buy bags online. Happy shopping online!!

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