Future of Mobile apps is not downloading the apps

Android Instant Apps

There are tons of amazing websites out there and there is always a mobile app for your favourite website which make use of your mobile to fullest. But you, me and everyone is so choosy about the websites that are there. Sometimes the website just asks to download their app to serve you better, some are really heavy to download just to check one of the feature from the app.

Then came the mobile app deep linking.

app deep link is using the URL that links to a specific location within the mobile app

As shown below, where you are asked for the permission to open the link in the already installed application.

In the above example if you have Meetup application installed on your device already, you can view details on application in the event details activity. App Linking and Indexing Works, But Not Good Enough.

Deep Linking

In the example if you have Meetup application installed on your device already, you can view details on application in the event details activity. App Linking and Indexing Works, But Not Good Enough.

You need to have the application already installed on your mobile

Whats wrong in installed applications?

As I mentioned earlier there are tons of websites and applications we like. Do we actually keep all the mobile apps we like or use everyday? I guess not, there is certainly a limit how many applications we are going to install on our mobiles. Below statistical research will give you the idea how vast mobile application market is. This is the report from Number of apps available in leading app stores as of July 2015

Number of apps available in leading app stores as of July 2015

The world of apps has grown beyond a healthy size. You see, mobile apps succeeded because of the right combination of fast network and capable handheld processors. Resulting in the slogan that defines the mobile world since 2008

“There’s an App for That.”

Just not healthy enough

Now, when you have app for everything, but you cannot just keep all the applications installed. There are types of applications:

· Apps you use every 5 minutes(I do)

· Apps you check at least once a day

· Apps you require every week

· Apps you hardly see once a month

· Apps you installed once for something and never used again(I do install new apps just to see what exactly it is)

So considering above categorizations I made from my way of looking at the apps, and you will realize that you are wasting space in your mobile unnecessarily.

I had shared a nice article The Future is Without Apps from Medium a month back may be, which explained the pain of keeping app for everything. The same article also has the mention that

How we may soon no longer need to install apps with help from Google and Surprisingly: Apple.

What Mobile App Developers want?

Answer is simple. Mobile app developers want the users to download apps, rather gaining the trust of a user that downloading my app is going to be worth it. Installing the app is must in the first place.

Google has worked with several methods for blurring the lines between mobile apps and the mobile web over the past year. below are a few examples I can give

· meta data theme-color

· browser notifications

· add to homescreen button

What is future without apps?

Google is working toward App Streaming

Google’s approach to the delivery and discoverability problem has relied on app indexing and linking. If the developer puts in the effort, users can see previously mobile-only content surfacing on Google search results. This is great for Google to stay relevant in a mobile market that is increasingly reliant on native app content instead of web search.

On-Demand Resources from Apple

On-Demand Resources (ODR) is a technology released with iOS 9 that downloads a small core application only on installation, and then downloads extra parts and content as needed.

Introducing Android Instant Apps

At its I/O developer conference, on 18th May, Google unveiled an ambitious new feature that lets Android apps send users to specific parts of their app from any web link, even if the user hasn’t downloaded the app.

Still this is different from Google’s app streaming inside search. though it’s in the same spirit — and gives Google similar access to previously walled-off data inside apps.

What is Android Instant Apps

You modularize your app, and Google Play downloads only the parts that are needed, on the fly. And when you do upgrade, your app will be available to more than a billion users on Android devices. Google says Android Instant Apps will be compatible with Android phones all the way back to Jellybean, which already covers a massive number in android users and rest just have to buy a new mobile.

Android Instant Apps official page says that, you should register your interest in Android Instant apps first and they’l be opening up the SDK access to a limited group of early access developers.

Sure this is a big change for developers as well, and going to take some time. They’ve been working with a small set of partners to refine the experience like BuzzFeed, B&H Photo, Medium and Disney.

B&H Photo Example:

BuzzFeedVideo Example:

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