Apple Music has launched to much fanfare (Apple Inc.)

Is this Apple Music’s Killer App?

So I've been using Apple Music for just over a week. So thought it was time to talk about my thoughts on Apple’s new service. To sum up my experience so far. Coming from Spotify, I've found Apple’s app, Clunky, unintuitive, and rather clumsy to use.

Initially, one part of the service has stuck out for me, and that’s Beats 1. The worldwide, always on radio station, which is fronted by ex-Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe. Having left the BBC back in March to make the move to Cupertino. Beats 1 is an interesting concept. Taking the standard analogue approach to radio, and implanting into a music streaming service. But somehow it works. I’ve found myself hitting listen now, more than I've actually listened to the rest of Apple’s streaming offering. I thought I'd found the key thing that set Apple Music apart from the likes of Spotify.

But the part of the new service that really stands out for me is the integration with Siri. I thought I'd test Siri’s musical knowledge.

So with ‘Hey Siri’ activated, I summoned the virtual assistant to “play me some music from the 90's”. Low and behold ‘Don’t Speak’ by No Doubt began to play. It was a revelation. I spent the rest of the afternoon testing Siri’s musical mastery out, all to varying degrees of success. She couldn’t quite handle my request “to play music for a summer’s day” and struggled to understand the concept of “play me electronic music” the first couple of times I tried.

So while many have been pondering what Apple Music’s killer app is. I think I may have found it, in a rather familiar place. It’s Siri.

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