Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday celebrated by Americans and although it is originated from America but entire people of the world should celebrate it as well, because expressing the gratitude is a thing we all should appreciate and feel immensely grateful about. So, on this beautiful occasion of “Thanksgiving” I would like to thank all the awesome people I have, especially my mom and my father who has brought me into this world to feel and experience my own presence on this beautiful pristine paradise(mother Earth). To let me thrive in my own phase giving me all the spaces I needed and independence for doing anything which I wanted. I love them to every bits and I know I may not be able to do exactly what they have done for me so far and doing till now but it does not mean I won’t. Every individual might think bringing them to this world and fulfilling the desires of the children is parent’s responsibility right! But we all got to understand in order to keep their children happy and providing them to be alive until they could feed themselves is their responsibility but fulfilling unwanted desires which is out of their limit is not their responsibility. Which is why every individual should really appreciate their parents for what they do for their kids because parents are the sole reason we are able to live and feel the moments in here without them it won’t be possible to even exist on this Earth. Their love for their kids are so unconditional and selfless, that many people often forget to abide them and return that same love in their old-age days. So, love them and make sure your parent’s happiness is added to one of priority list. I’m very thankful for my parents and family for being there for me no matter what. I’m also grateful for myself as well, because I have made this far and still continuing to be. Whatsoever I’m always aware that there is always going to be lots of room for improvement despite of all the flaws and accepting all the imperfections along the way and thriving to progress is a great trait I would say. Love you all my mommy, my pop, family and each of you out there for coming into my life and enlightening me with your beautiful presence whether a bad or sweet experience though. And do take out time for yourself and manifest the gratitude you have for your loved ones.

Enjoy the season of festivities, spread love around the world and keep smiling.

#H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G!

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