Home is, where Mom is…

We all know how much a Mother’s presence means in every house, or I could say only a mother can turn an empty house into a lively home. You know, that feeling when you’re so attached to your Mom.

And I’m also aware that each one of us love our mother in our own special ways. So, there is my youngest little brother’s version, while he was a toddler. He was so attached to my mom that even when he was just a small kid, he used to follow my mom every where and if he did not find her for some reason he would check her in every nook and corner of the house. He would even follow my mom in the washroom, when he was little toddler and when my mom gets irritated then he would understand but still would be waiting outside by the door until she comes out. So, now that he is a grown up guy, albeit he does not follow her to the washroom now (Pun very much intended) but he would keep on asking at home whether Mom has eaten or not.

Since, My Mom runs a clothing shop, if nobody from home haven’t​ send her the luncheon till noon. And now little grown up brother whenever come home from his school, he would yell at my cousins for not taking the lunch at time for Mom. Then he would take the luncheon himself to my Mother. And it’s not just one day habit, but every day he would ask about Mom, as soon as he comes back from his school. It’s like he would do that for the first thing whenever he comes back home. This is how, grown up version of my little brother takes care of of my Mom.

And Where as I’m concern, I’m not that expressive like my little brother when it comes to shower love for my dearest Mother. I do love her very much infact, I want to be like her and she is the best example of an ideal woman I want to be. Sometimes, I feel like questioning to omnipotent God, though I don’t believe in his existence, yet I just want to ask why God has not let me inherit the qualities which my mother have?

I get pissed for no reason, whenever my mother is not at home. I know she is super proactive lady of our house. She always has plates full of work beside her Clothing and Beads Shop (Traditional Beads & Traditional Attires). So, She does not stay at home for too long because of her busy schedule, but I want her to stay yet I know that’s not gonna work right! But there was some moment, when my mom was out of town for some reason and she has to spend 1 week and in those time, I was literally missing her presence in the home that I stopped eating though I wasn’t​ realizing that I was not eating properly and when mom arrived back home I was at bed not able to wake. I heard her sound and when I wanted to jump off the bed to meet her, my head spinning, though I was not seeing any twinkling stars over my head like they show in cartoon or comedy. So, I couldn’t​ get up and Mom came to the my bed saw me then I was taken to hospital. There I was given 3 bottles of slyline, which was fitted into my veins. The water could flow through and boost me up. So this is how I ended up in hospital when my mom was away. I don’t feel like being at home when she is not around. Her absence affect us so much that home is so quiet when she ain’t present. And my Pop being the silent and serious man of the house, we just stay mum around him. But I heart both of them.

Happy Mother’s Day, to my dearest Mom and all the Mothers of this World.

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