You can’t get it in an instant, no? Yes, Instano!

Someone needs to tell these guys they’re not Dolphins. So they can stop trying now!

Have you ever seen whales breaching? Agility is not their strong suit. Large unwieldy bodies make it impossible for them to replicate what dolphins do. But they still do it. And they look Slow, Encumbered and Awkward while doing it. The dolphins make it look so natural — like they were born to do it! Which, they were, perhaps.

Our phones are overwhelmed by a huge number of apps. The number will only go up with time, it seems. There are two ways to go about it — increasing the phone’s processing prowess and memory; or creating a light weight app that hogs a smaller chunk of the processor. Both ways expedite installation of more and more apps instead of making do with less.

Another alternative is to replace many superfluous apps on your phone with a single app that will pay heed to all your needs. Consider the plague of apps on your phone that you rarely ever use. Except for when your friend asks you what one of them is all about. And you both explore it for the first time together. It’s possible that you only use a handful of apps.

You will manage to get things done with a million apps at your disposal. Just as whales do. It will not be graceful. Nor efficient. You will spend more time in getting things done than it should take. The choices that you see in your apps are a distraction. They’ve imported the maze of aisles in a supermarket into your mobile phone. And they’re engaging you longer than they’re supposed to.

Catering to your needs in the moment should be the ideal way to go about it. Not burying you beneath a heap of choices. Only getting you what you need. You have to find more freedom. You have to know how it feels to bow ride like a dolphin.

Mmm. Freedom!

Instano is a chat based On Demand Service app that will get you anything you ask for. Food, Grocery, Home Appliances or a Plumber — you name it. It will also do anything you ask it to do . It will pay your electricity bill, hail you a cab and check your train status for you. We’ve been live at select locations in Bengaluru for a while now. A bunch of good work and quite a few rave reviews later we released our android app. Also, we will soon be buzzing all over the city to assist you.

On Demand Service has exploded all over the world. A series of sky high investments has allowed companies to push their apps in new territories. India has a vast user base and a great demand for such apps. With ever increasing internet penetration and affordable data charge rates, expansion will continue. The big fish in each sector court with investors from around the globe, and vice versa. And the investors are on a spree here.

Instano is your Personal Assistant. There is a vast array of functionalities we’ve embedded into the app. The system learns each time you interact with it. It remembers your preferences.

You could ask us to get you your weekly supply of groceries. And we won’t keep bothering you with the list on each occasion. We remember it from your first order. The quantity of each item, the grocery store you frequent and your location — Instano remembers it all.

It remembers your pizza place and how you like your crust — thin or pan fried! All you have to write is, “I want a pizza!” We will do the rest for you. There is a ton of redundancy that you can eliminate from your life. Also, there are a ton of apps that you can do without.

At Your Service.