Interesting ideas…how does the warrior know he’s stuck in chakravyuh ? What are signs to watch?
Sameer A

In life we don’t enter a maze, we’re born in the maze. The highs and lows are a part of navigating through it.

So we know we are stuck in the life we’ve been given, we can now either be beaten down by it or we can make the most out of it. It’s a choice that we have to make. If we look closer, we’ll observe that life is all about making the choices.

Making these choices, or taking these decisions are actions of responsibility, because these choices and decisions mould the future our lives, subconsciously sometimes that scares us, and so we try to run away from this responsibility. It’s at times like these, we’ve to choose to be strong and brave and take responsibility for our lives and our decisions and do what we are meant to do.