The Story of the Emblem

Incremental Phases of Design. Start point (left), Draft (middle), Final — The Broken Chakravuyh (right).
I wish I had a better house.
I wish I had a better motorcycle.
I wish I could travel.
I wish I had enough money to treat my father’s cancer.
I wish I had enough money to buy myself a wholesome meal.

People have problems in varying degrees, and they sometimes need to be shown how it is to be dealt with or how it is sometimes not a problem even to begin with. People need faith, if not in themselves, then something else or someone else. And only people can help people.

Life is a maze. Sometimes we don’t know where to go. Sometimes we hit dead ends. Sometimes we turn around and backtrack. Sometimes we try to start over.

Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s challenging. Sometimes it’s frustrating.

One of the oldest mazes that we know of is the Chakravyuh, for those who don’t know, it was a battle formation like a maze in the Kurukshetra War in Mahabharata, where a mighty warrior called Abhimanyu enters the maze, kills thousands inside but is eventually killed by more mighty warriors coming together against a single one in a massive battle. The reason for the mighty warrior’s downfall was that his knowledge about breaking through the maze was incomplete, and so we know that the lack of proper understanding can lead to disastrous results.

With Philosophical Junkies Organisation, we aim to break people out of their mazes, help them through it. Beyond it. And so we decided to represent our Organisation with a broken, colourful Chakravyuh that leads the mind and life into freedom and happiness.