Why I use bath bombs in the shower

Aka Clear
Aka Clear
Oct 31, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m that New York based weirdo who doesn’t have a bathtub, but still uses bath bombs. Though I’m not at all using them in the right way with the underwater spin out and fizz. I do sometimes try to hold some water along with the bomb in my hands as the shower pours down on me. If you’re imagining a really ridiculous scenario in which the water slips through my fingers as I barely see any fizz then you’re pretty spot on the money…though it’s a bit sadder.

But I use the bath bomb for a therapy of sorts. As I stand there consenting to getting rained upon I hold the bath bomb in my hands. I imagine the bath bombs are my problems all contained in this sparkly, fizzing shape. As the water hits the bomb it starts to get a little weaker. Depending how big the bomb is, they may crumble slowly or quickly. I’ve gotten into the habit of saving the bigger bombs for the more frustrating days. The water pours, the bomb fizzes, and my hands work to break it apart. It’s always nice when the water finally wears it away just enough and my prying hands breaks the bomb until it’s in small pieces and momentary dust. Then with a small, final fizz it’s gone.

It’s a good feeling and it’s working. I’ve tested my resting heart rate when I’m using a bath bomb and when I’m not. Chart-wise it’s 10–20 bpms lower on bath bomb showers.

Also it feels cathartic af to break something that is meant to be broken. So it isn’t how most people use bath bombs but for me it’s better. That crunch, that moment it breaks…I break too and I let it all go for a few seconds.

So why do I use bath bombs in the shower? Because these stupid little things help me find a tad more peace in the world. If you have a shower or even just want to break one in your sink I suggest you try it. It isn’t going to fix everything or anything, but it’ll give you at least 30 seconds of peace. And in this world you need those 30 seconds. Take them even if it means being a weirdo who uses bath bombs in the shower.

30 seconds of peace achieved.

Aka Clear

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Aka Clear

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