Why $FAME Tokenomics is on of the Best Tokenomics?

Fantommaker is one of the promisinf projects on Fantom blockchain. FTM is one of the best blockchains in crypto world and becoming popular these days. Every blockchain needs a good, trusted launchpad and this is what Fantommaker gives the Fantom community.

Fantommaker is designed to be community focused and anti whale system. The best example of this thought can be seen when we look to the tokenomics.

Let’s talk about these picture. Why is it so important? Check VC round price it is 0.040 while IDO price is 0.025. Venture capitals buy these token more expensive than retail investors and have a more strict vesting schedule. No VC can dump this project at the launch.

Fantommaker will make its IDO on Dao Maker. You can find the details on telegram channel. Even if you are not a Dao Holder you can still have a chance to get 100 dollars $FAME allocations.

Telegram: https://t.me/fantommaker

Telegram Ann Channel: https://t.me/fantommakerann

Website: https://fantommaker.com/#Main

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FantomMaker?s=20



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