Overwatch Apex Challengers Superweek

The results from day 1

Hot off the heels of an epic season 2 final, day 1 for the superweek series is in the books. 8 teams are battling out for 6 spots in Apex Season 3. For season 3 only 2 foreign teams will be participating this time round, freeing up 2 extra spots for local Korean teams to fight over.

Match Results

  • Might AOD defeated Flash Lux 3–1
  • X6-Gaming defeated Afreeca Freecs Red 3–1
  • Conbox Spirit defeated MVP Space 3–0
  • Rhinos Gaming Wings defeated MVP Infinity 3–0

Match of the day

Group A had the more enjoyable matches with the match of the day easily going to Afreeca Freecs Red Vs X6-Gaming. This game will provide some talking points over the next few days and while X6-Gaming won 3–1, it was brutally close. X6-Gaming took a close first set 2–1 on Oasis while Afreeca managed to take Kings Row equally close during the time bank round. X6 had a massive push and managed to push just shy of the second point with only 1 minute in their time bank. Afreeca was lucky enough to match the distance and take the map but they didn’t make it easy on themselves. The third set on Hanamura was also tight, X6-Gaming managed to get 2 points on the first attack but Afreeca wasn’t able to cap the second point, coming painfully close in the final seconds, a mere second or 2 away from gaining the point. On the fourth set, X6-Gaming ended up steam rolling through Afreeca on Dorado. Afreeca ended up falling apart a bit towards the end after putting up an epic fight.

Group A results see Mighty AOD and X6-Gaming winning and being 1 step closer to advancing to Apex S3
Some white washes in group B with some poor perfromances by the MVP teams

Day 2 Matches

Mighty AOD Vs X6-Gaming

Conbox Spirit Vs Rhinos Gaming Wings

Flash Lux Vs Afreeca Freecs Red

MVP Space Vs MVP Infinity