My Mission

Alex Akagi
Jan 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Mission: To ensure that humanity attains an endlessly sustainable utopia.

I believe that if all people altruistically strive to be truly happy and attain self-transcendence, that human ingenuity and creativity will compound into an unstoppable river of incredible ephemeral experiences.

Time and resources are limited, so we should pragmatically direct our focus on the most influential and powerful places available.

We should help companies, with leaders who share similar ideals of building utopia, convert their internal structure to be a highly competitive technologically oriented company that makes decisions off of first-principles, in order to bring maximum long-term happiness and satisfaction to their employees.

1) Make Money
2) Research / Engineer
3) Build / Fortify in every major city

1) Make Money

This step basically consists of finding and optimizing various money making machines around the world in order to build wealth for both myself and for people who I’ve subjectively deemed to be “good people” who also strive to help their employees attain altruistic self-actualization and true happiness.

I’ve been building software and companies for over 4 years now, and I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at first-principles thinking and automation. We will work with companies to develop well designed projects to then build with the highest of coding standards, with an emphasis on maintainability and sustainability.

In order to accomplish this, I’ve completely compacted my life and am very used to moving around (living lavish out of a backpack). We will hopefully eventually develop a distributed team with offices in every major city. This is a moonshot, but why not try?

This phase will likely last 2 more years, but the goal is to build a system that generates enough money for my team and me to focus full-time and afford resources for research and engineering.

2) Research / Engineer

We have several problems to tackle.

One thing we’ll have to figure out how to do is to understand city energy grids and come up with a plan to sustainably produce 10–100x current energy demands. I have a feeling that solar won’t be enough, and I’m not going to count on fusion, so my guess is we’ll go nuclear, but I really don’t know yet.

Another thing to figure out is highly compact and unitized vertical farms. Basically a Tesla Powerwall for food. Once we figure out how to build these, they’ll be distributed throughout the previously established network of money making machines.

Hopefully, if the energy problem is solved, we’ll be able to get the food problem to a low enough price-point to where on a 10-year timescale, it will make sense to grow your own food (fully automated, little to no effort required, ideally), or probably a hybrid between local farms and self-growing. Hopefully we get to a point where exotic foods no longer have to be shipped because we can just engineer them to grow in our basements.

I doubt I’ll be doing much research in desalination as cities seem to have clean water fairly figured out, and a lot of good people are figuring out desalination… but I’m not actually sure about that so that’s another thing to figure out.

Once you’re able to solve for the first two layers of Maslow’s for all people at scale, people will theoretically no longer have legitimate reasons to fear taking risks to build cool things and potentially losing all of their money because you can always start back up again without anyone’s help once core infrastructure for life is in place and maintained nearly autonomously.

I actually have like another dozen things that need to be built out, which apply to the higher levels of Maslow’s hierarchy, but I’d like to keep them to myself for now…

3) Build / Fortify in every major city

At this point, we’re pretty far along and I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. We’ve researched and spec’d out solutions, so then it’s just a matter of deployment, which is really just an education problem. If people learn how to read open-sourced projects, they can figure out how to do anything in any part of the world.

I don’t really care about money, as new wealth going to be one’s ability to tap into the internet and engineer solutions for themselves and others.

Well… we’ll be making plenty of money, too.

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