How Alex’s Brain Works

Alex Akagi
Dec 11, 2017 · 2 min read

How Alex’s brain works: An outline of my recently developed philosophy.

Alex has a lot of existential dread. He doesn’t think that life has any purpose — he thinks that it’s all one big joke… but that’s what’s so god damn fun about it! Because it’s all a big fucking game and you can do literally whatever you want. Literally fucking anything. All you have to do is find your good vibes people who also want to do shit.

So what does Alex want? All he wants is for his homies to have a good time. The people who look out for each other. The people who understand other people’s struggles. The people who are fucking positive. The people who help one another out in life. The people grounded in fucking reality. The people who want to make the world incredible. The people who think different. The people who say fuck it and choose to make shit better, and fuck everyone else, they can catch up later. They will someday see the incredible world that we have built.

Work really fucking hard, create incredible stuff, celebrate the shit out of it, do it as many times as possible, and then die. Probably sounds sad to most people, but I argue that’s the best way to live.

Take the idea of all ants working together to be a single collective (Watch this What is the goal of the collective? To help the colony thrive. What things cause the colony to stop thriving? Bad actors, disease, death… all things bad vibes. So it is the responsibility for each node in the graph to hold its closest nodes accountable for bad things, and reward good things. And the best case is for each node to have the true burning desire to pull up each of the other nodes as high as possible.

People are neither good nor bad, they just have their defense mechanisms and insecurities, which cause them to act in harmful ways. If the collective nodes work together to help each other node understand the true beauty of life, hopefully, eventually all nodes will see how much fun life can be.

Or not, fuck it, none of it matters anyway!! You can only go up from there!!

So now what?

Go out there and unapologetically make the world better.

Do the greatest good you can conceive of.

That’s it…

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