Akaiito team has some news to share with our community:

  1. Extra tokens, which has been created in case of next ICO stages, are now deleted. Our initial idea was to create AIC tokens for next possible ICO stages and store them securely to another wallet to avoid new coin creation in the future. After feedback from community, we decided to burn created tokens, what is currently done. Thank You for Your feedback, it is very valuable for us!

You can check transaction details here: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x113c0d546ac23080386e1aaed27955c408aeb534994feee3dbe7233f97919d1e and https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0d7da1fab23921074b0ec971391727344694c84bb33f7bf08b8cb8aaeac169ae.

2. AIC is now listed on IDEX exchange: https://idex.market/eth/aic

3. Akaiito team is working on future cooperations with other exchanges and will announce them as soon as AIC will be getting listed.


We are happy to announce, that Akaiito Crowdsale has finished. We have reached Soft Cap. Generated in total: 1 256 701 AIC.

We want to thank our community for huge support, which is giving to us great fuel to move forward. We thank all contributors and supporters for believing in us and we will try not to let You down!

What’s next?
- AIC tokens will be distributed for contributors and bounty campaign participants until the end of May.
- AIC listing on exchanges will happen during 30–60 days. All exchanges where AIC will be listed will be announced through official website…

As we all know lately crypto market has shown strong downhill. From the beginning of February Ethereum price has dropped more than twice. Unfortunately, temporary stagnation have had negative influence on whole crypto industry, including projects connected to crypto field and alt coins. Fortunately, stagnation is temporary and there is uphill waiting ahead. Already last week trend has been moving to positive green side. To give an opportunity for the company by itself and for the community to invest during positive times of crypto market, Akaiito would like to announce an extension of Crowd Sale. Initial date for Crowd Sale…

Akaiito team is happy to announce, that we are launching AirDrop from 10.04.2018.

AirDrop campaign budget is 150 000 AIC tokens from total generated tokens amount. Budget will be evenly distributed between AirDrop campaign participants. Every campaign participant will get 7 AIC tokens. Also there is an opportunity to get additionally 2 AIC tokens by referral links.

For successful closing of Akaiito AirDrop campaign there are 2 terms: either 21 000 of participants (after that amount of participants is reached campaign will be stopped) or 7 days from AirDrop campaign start (17.04.2018).

Join our official community chat and we will…

Our mission at Akaiito is to decentralize e-commerce and put control back into the hands of the users. Akaiito is working on creation of platform which will enable to connect crypto world with real world and will enable to transfer crypto to real products and services.

Today we are extremely pleased to announce that we will be integrating Akaiito platform with the Origin Protocol to further our mission of a fair and efficient blockchain-powered marketplace.

Origin Protocol enables both traditional marketplaces and fractional-use or sharing economy marketplaces (like short-term rentals or ride sharing) to function in a completely distributed way…

Market is feverishing from different kind of negative news. But everyone clearly understands that this is just temporary stagnation and exactly right now it is correct time to buy with the good downhill price and to invest. Almost all giant media sources are forbidding ads and claiming that it is done to protect customers from investing to not trustworthy projects. This is how it is stated. But why then all fields of e-commerce are not filtered the same way? Why the same protective attitude is not applied to, for example, casino business, where all depends on pure luck and investments…

Akaiito is happy to announce partnership with BTCBIT.

Akaiito is platform, which will connect crypto with real world and will allow to transfer cryptocurrency to real products and services. BTCBIT is providing Cryptocurrency exchange services. BTCBIT has great advantages, such as: mobile adaptability, DDos protection, exchange, secure storage, monitoring and partnership program. For more information, please, check Official Website: https://btcbit.net


Blockchain and Bitcoin conference in Tallinn has positively surprised with an amount of participants and overall mood of the day. Akaiito team has got benefitial knowledge and met a lot of new and interesting people sharing the same passion as we are: blockchain technology and crypto development. Speakers from all over the world has been sharing own experiences, opinions and ideas.

During the conference has been as well touched G20 and its outcome topic. Thierry Vallat (Founder at Cabinet Thierry Vallat) commented, that France and Germany in particular had a wish for implementing crypto sphere regulations, but lack of understanding…

Crypto world for the whole week is following the news from G20 Summit. Some of us has been more sceptical about the decisions of regulations, which can be taken, especially after Google and FB news and some of us have been more realistic, that probably nothing will change.

Public document released prior to the meeting noted that “the technology behind crypto assets has the potential to promote financial inclusion,” but noted that the impact on financial stability and potential uses in tax evasion and illegal activities needed to be understood first. …

What is important to understand when building up a company? Not only to understand, but as well to accept as absolutely inevitable process: “there is nothing permanent except change”.

Why it is important to understand, realise and to accept? For organised people, who loves structure and planning, it is sometimes very hard to be flexible with and to correct their perfect plans. But the truth is: none of the plan is perfect if it is not capable to smoothly go through the changes. Fast growing world, fast growing industry is bringing us to permanently changing society and permanently changing needs…


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