Akaiito AirDrop

Apr 10, 2018 · 1 min read

Akaiito team is happy to announce, that we are launching AirDrop from 10.04.2018.

AirDrop campaign budget is 150 000 AIC tokens from total generated tokens amount. Budget will be evenly distributed between AirDrop campaign participants. Every campaign participant will get 7 AIC tokens. Also there is an opportunity to get additionally 2 AIC tokens by referral links.

For successful closing of Akaiito AirDrop campaign there are 2 terms: either 21 000 of participants (after that amount of participants is reached campaign will be stopped) or 7 days from AirDrop campaign start (17.04.2018).

Join our official community chat and we will keep You posted with all fresh news connected to AirDrop and overally the project development: https://t.me/akaiito_community .

For participation in Akaiito AirDrop Campaign You need to pass through few really simple steps with help of our friendly Akaiito bot. Please, contact him to get started @Akaiito_AirDropbot

Participants, who will fill their personal information not correctly or not fully will be, unfortunately, dismissed from campaign, so please, put Your attention while doing it ☺️
Tokens for AirDrop participants will be distributed after ICO end.

Everyone are warmly welcome to join!

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