3 Different Types of Joint Replacement Surgery!

Healthy joints are essential to maintain mobility in your body. It enables us to freely move our arms, legs, back, toes, and other parts of the body. But, most of the people face problems with joints as they get older. However, adults also face this issue from time to time. Diseases such as osteomyelitis, bursitis and arthritis cause extreme pain in the joints. Pain can be experienced anywhere in the body, including knees, back, wrists and shoulders. Thus, to relieve pain and restore the quality of life, many people are advised by the doctors to undergo joint replacement surgery. With the advent of new medical technologies, age is no longer a deterrent for joint replacement surgery now. Joint replacement surgery can restore independence and improve the quality of life by eliminating pain and disability in elderly.

Hence, below-mentioned are most common types of joint replacement surgeries one should know:

1- Total Knee Replacement: Knee is the largest joint in the body. Having healthy knees is crucial for performing day-to-day activities like walking. Basically, it comprises of the lower end of femur, upper end of tibia and the patella, also known as knee cap. During total knee replacement, a surgeon removes damaged cartilage surfaces at the end of the tibia and femur, and then replaces them with a metal component in order to provide new surfaces in the joint. This surgery is recommended when you have chronic knee inflammation, limited movement in your knee, a knee deformity, or when surgical methods do not provide any relief from pain.

2- Total Hip Replacement: Hip is also one of the largest joints in our body. In this ball-and-socket joint, both ball and socket are covered in articular cartilage that generally wear down from injury or arthritis and causes pain. During total hip replacement, the damaged femoral head is removed and thereby, replaced with a metal stem, which attaches to the bone. You doctor may recommend you to undergo this surgery, if your pain continues during rest, limits your movement or if you experience extreme stiffness.

3- Shoulder Joint Replacement: Shoulder is another example of ball-and-socket joint. So, when you move your shoulder, the cartilage surface of the ball and socket are supposed to move smoothly against each other. And if this cartilage wears down due to severe fracture, injury or arthritis, then you may have to undergo shoulder joint replacement surgery.

On the whole, if you are suffering from frequent joint pains, it’s time to get rid of them completely. There are many renowned hospitals that have a team of specialized doctors for joint replacement in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities; Apollo Hospital is one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Bangalore.