Delicacies to relish along the Konkan Coast

The Konkan strip is a beautiful and rugged green strip of land along the West Coast of India. It comprises the States of Maharashtra, Goa, and North Karnataka. Dotted by the Western Ghats on its East and the Arabian Sea to its Western boundary, this region is famous for its wildlife, vegetation, and coastal influence. Proximity to the sea has made fishing the prime occupation of the people on the Konkan Coast. Apart from fishing, the people here also engage in agriculture and cultivation of fruits such as coconuts, mangoes, and others.

Due to the diversity of offerings, the food in this region has developed a distinct character. Full of rich spices that grow abundantly in this region, Konkani Food is known for its flavourfully rich, aromatic fragrance. Thanks to the widespread of coconut trees here, which grow everywhere from the beaches to people’s backyards, shredded coconut seems to be the primary ingredient in the food here. Apart from this, there are a number of herbs and spices that add the unique flavour to the Konkani cuisine, some of the popular ones are as:

· Teppal which is an important and niche spice.

· Bimbal which is used as a souring agent.

· Ambade used both as souring agents and to make pickles.

By making use of the above mentioned spices along with other regional vegetables, the Konkanis have been able to come up with some of the most scrumptious, finger-licking food dishes.

The Konkani Thali has earned a reputation of its own, and is known for its stomach filling, yet taste bud tingling flavours. A typical Konkani Thali, like its South Indian counterpart, has rice as its main constituent. These are served with Upkaris, which are simple vegetable dishes with fresh coconut shavings in them.

Talasanis are stir fried vegetables with red chilli powder in it. Different vegetables and seasonal fruits are used to make this delicacy. The vegetables are cooked in oil and spices such that the aroma as well as the flavour is trapped in the vegetables.

The Randayis are coconut based vegetables and pulses, in which coconut paste is used along with water to make the gravy. Sprouted pulses and seasonal vegetables make this delicacy sumptuous.

Apart from these, there are Phodis, kosambaris/kismuris, bharth, sasam, Urad Papars, etc. For people travelling to the region from outside, the Thalis could be sampled at one of the Club Mahindra resorts in Goa that offer the most authentic culinary experience along the Konkan Coast. Several Club Mahindra reviews describe the various delicacies offered at this place. Though nothing beats the feeling of sitting in the relaxed atmosphere of a Konkani home and enjoying fresh preparations, Club Mahindra has closely been able to recreate the same experience for tourists at their resorts. You can surely check the Club Mahindra feedback to get a brief idea of the same.