Five Heart Disease Myths Busted

Heart disease is a dreaded thing to have. After all, the heart is our most important organ. However, there are many myths surrounding heart diseases which cause more harm than good. Here are some myths busted.

1. Heart disease is only for the old

While age is an important factor for certain heart-related problems, in most cases, age is indifferent. Many heart diseases are congenital in nature and some happen right after birth. Heart problems can happen to anyone anytime. It’s important to remember that choices such as diet, physical activity, stress, and smoking affect your heart. Make healthy choices to ensure your heart remains fit whatever be your age.

2. Being fit=no heart disease

If you are physically fit and eat a healthy diet, you are at a lower risk of heart disease but that doesn’t mean you are free from it. Heart disease can strike anyone. You can be affected by high cholesterol which can be passed down from families, even second-hand smoke increases the chance of heart disease. Therefore, the best thing to do is to get yourself checked on a regular basis while consuming a healthy diet and being physically fit.

3. Heart diseases = no activity at all

If you have heart disease or recovered from one, taking it easy and relaxing is not a healthy option. It’s a myth that you need to do no activity for heart-related ailments. Decreased or no activity leads to a decrease in a physical condition which is harmful to the heart’s health. Consult with your doctor to see what kind of exercise regime you can undertake and for how long. Even 15 minutes of simple walking is better for you and your heart than just sitting and doing nothing.

4. Diabetes won’t cause heart disease because I take diabetes medication

Diabetes medication helps control the blood sugar levels. Increased blood sugar levels can lead to kidney failure, loss of vision, nerve damage, and other complications. Yet, diabetes medication doesn’t affect the large blood vessels which due to inflammation cause heart attacks and stroke. Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure, healthy diet and the right weight is what’s needed to keep the heart fit.

5. I can’t reduce heart disease risk because I’ve smoked for years

Smoking and heart disease have a direct relation. If you’ve smoked for a long time, you might think quitting now won’t bring any benefit. Well, it does. The benefits appear within a short time and the more time you go smoke-free, the lower are your chances of heart diseases. A year without smoking reduces your chance of heart disease by 50%.

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