Why YOU will Innovate under your current manager; 90% of who are trained to Fixate on the present…
Bharat Sathya

There are many reasons why innovation doesn’t work, doesn’t happen on time, or doesn’t stick — enough to fill many books, as they have. Here, I’ll cover three explanations of why most individual and organizational social innovation does not work in either the private or public sector. After a brief look at each of the three, I’ll move to some strategies and methods that have been used to “work-around” these innovation stoppers. The three innovation stoppers are summarized briefly below:

  1. Behavioral Rivers Run Deep

The channels, patterns, and paths established as we perfect ways of dealing with challenges, or acquire skill at applying knowledge and technique to produce predictable results take on a “life” of their own that resist change as much as many rivers bore down the same course for generations.

2. Leadership Turnover

Those with leadership authority are not “in place” long enough to assure that changes and innovations become the new standard operating procedure (SOP).

3. Getting Out of the Box and Pulling Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps

Being able to see what you cannot now see or anticipate is by definition difficult. When added to the persistence of pattern maintenance behavior, it is not difficult to see why innovation can be daunting.

since what you share has a lot do with social innovation .

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