Is Online Grocery Shopping a Success in India?

The e-grocery market in India is expected to grow tremendously as many startups and entrepreneurs are building their impeccable online presence everyday! Over the past three to four years the buzz around online grocery market is peeping up, and almost top grocery start-ups have already raised $120 Million in just one year.

Buying grocery online has become a change of habit for the current generation and this leads to the way for ecommerce giants to compete with each other for survival.

A recent study by Technopak states, the food and grocery industry in India is now worth $383 Billion and will be touching $1 Trillion by 2020.

So, with this it is clearly evident that people are changing the way of shopping for groceries and local shop owners are getting into the ecommerce boom by investing on online selling platforms. However, the competition is enlarged for online grocery service with the biggies like Amazon, Ola, Flipkart, BigBasket, ZopNow, PepperTap and more in the space.

There are various online selling platforms like EWDC’s Grocery Basket that allows retailers/wholesalers to sell online by uploading unlimited products, and have multiple payment gateways to receive payment making it simple for customers to shop from their website.

Build your very own online grocery store with EWDC’s grocery ecommerce platform!

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