RANTs: Community KPIs vs Business KPIs — Respect

Business people talk about profits and profits only and when they see Community Developers having different metrics that really matter, they can’t wrap their heads around it.

They ask questions like:

are you going to achieve that?

how do you keep doing that without making money?

when are you going to start your own life?

why are you doing that?

But when the community is fully developed, the business people come running, look for investment opportunities and some don’t want to pay taxes to the people who built and maintain these communities.

What’s important is, understand your metrics. All the money you’re making won’t be used by you. They will pile up in a bank. You don’t really need it. You do it because it’s fun for you, and it is an acceptable metrics of success.

However, you got to respect the things that matter to other people and their own KPIs success. By the way, you really need these people to succeed.

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