“Yeah, sooner or later, you just have to let your kids go… and hope you brought ’em up right.”

John MacKenzie, Father of the Bride

A seldom recognized quote, but one that I’ve always considered to be simple and profound. I’m the proud father of four, and this quote is a concise encapsulation of our parenting style.

Recently, our eldest, 11, has faced the sincerely tricky challenge of being one of the few kids in her sixth-grade class not to have a smartphone. Now I’m biased, but I believe there’s truth to me saying she is a model student and…

Why Community is So Important

A frequent question we hear is, “Why is Eusoh’s emphasis on community?” Eusoh introduces a financial model that saves consumers significant money. Ironically, the emphasis on the community only further complicates our platform. Requiring our members to join community groups is a significant frictional barrier that has been an impediment for user adoption.

Experts in the Marketing and Startup fields would suggest that we eliminate all frictional barriers to registration. The addition and the requirement of the community component of Eusoh totally break these accepted norms. …

Our current two-party system is a remnant of the constraints of old. Political parties served an efficient means to disseminate information while also providing candidates that would be suitable to run for office. Without a party system, the government would be tasked with dealing with dozens of candidates simultaneously. Voters would have had to figure out a way to discern the differences between candidates, at a time when access to information was severely limited. …

One of Hollywood’s oldest tropes is the robotic usurpation of humankind. It makes for compelling thrillers and science fiction. The variety of narrative twists possible are in-numerable. Terminator, a luminary of the genre, implanted this fear as efficiently as Jaws did in cultivating a phobia of sharks into an entire generation. As narratives go, everything else pales in comparison — a cautionary tale regarding one’s lust for power which inevitably capsizes when it surmounts its peak. The theme is so pervasive that we have come to accept it as fait accompli.

Recommended Reading of last Several Months

Below are some recommended readings from the books I’ve read over the last year or so. This is but a small selection of the books I’ve read and includes the books, which really stood out from the crowd.

Business and Strategy:

I tend to find most business strategy and how-to books lack luster. They usually have just a couple important take home messages, and the authors fill space with unimportant anecdotes for the sake of length. Consequently, learning to speed read business books should be a skill of anyone that regulars business know how books. …

Healthcare is built upon a foundation that breaks all the necessary core tenets to allow the free-market to ever operate within it effectively. It is not all of healthcare, in fact, it is one core yet central aspect of healthcare, that breaks the chain: the hospital.

To be clear — I am of the staunchest advocates for a free market economy. In the simplest of terms, the amassed wisdom of several hundred million simultaneous minds can never be surmounted by any single person or committee of the gifted. Nor an AI. The free market is an organism, a collective mind…

When there is a loss in a family, there is an expectation for the eldest child to step up to the plate. To assume the mantel. And it is through stoicism that we eldest children communicate to others that we understand and accept the role. This is not isolated to me nor my culture. It’s a universally human trait, across all cultures. And as such, in many ways, as the eldest survivors, we carry the burden by internalizing our pain. It’s our show of strength and resolve.

Rabbi Wolpe and I spoke a couple weeks after Dad’s passing and he…

Allen Kamrava

Daddy and Hubby. In my spare time, also the founder of Eusoh.com, a physician & a surgeon. Enjoy triathlons, hiking, road trips, involvement & embracing life.

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