My reflections on Andela’s EPIC values

As a standard and or code of conduct, Andelans embodies a set of core values which is expected of anyone willing to join the community. EPIC, as it is been called, is really what it sounds like. The word EPIC is an acronym for these values which are Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration.
In this post I’ll be discussing my reflections on these values, how it can be developed and my personal thoughts about them.

The word excellence share similar meaning with terms like high-quality, significant attainment and exceptionalism. Excellence is a virtue that can be developed. Having an excellent spirit means carrying out a task brilliantly irrespective of moral quality. It is wanting and aspiring for the best in any given situation.
One of the ways by which one can develop the spirit of excellence is by studying and learning from people who have excelled. Their attitudes rubs off as you tend to mimic their steps.

Excellence is a virtue that can be developed.

So many people exhibit interest and enthusiasm when they start learning something new. As a result they feel they are passionate at first and then they begin to fall in love with the subject matter or whatever it is. After a period they tend to loosing interest due to challenges and blockers. This is not passion. I’ll simply define passion as a zeal or driving force towards a particular goal; be it books, sports, learning, growth, excellence, dreams etc.
You become passionate about something when you refuse to give in to failure or shortcomings. Passion propels you to do beyond the norm.

This is an important value among Andelans. Integrity plays a major role in our everyday life. It is that which solid relationship is built upon. Integrity demands choosing to always come out plain without compromise. I believe one can develop this value through commitment and discipline. A decision has to be made to choose either justice or profane. This will help you develop the mindset of standing steadfast come what may.

Having all other values and not the ability to bond with people is a breach. When two or more individuals collaborate they seem to yield better result compare to a one-man-team counterpart.
Being able to bond and build interpersonal relationship is a crucial value one has to develop.
Collaboration in essence is working together with others to achieve a common goal. I believe one can become efficient collaborating with others when you admit your weaknesses and believe that no one is an island of knowledge.