The famous Japanese TV drama series in which a middle-age man is just eating meals.

Kodokuno-Gurume is one of my favorite TV drama series in Japan. Kodokuno-Gourume means “Solitary Gourmet”, in which a middle-aged man is just eating at restaurants, even though it is a drama.

It is not a gourmet report. He doesn’t show profound knowledge, he just says “Im hungry”, “This is good, delicious”, and something like about his thoughts. The shops where he goes are real ones, but the staff is actors and actresses.

The origin of this drama is a comic. It is also a man just eating at restaurants. The comic published only the first volume, but the TV series is continuing for a fourth season.

Goro who is the main character is an imported variety goods dealer, so he always goes out to meet his clients, each time during business hours, at lunch-time or at the end of his work, he tries to eat at a new restaurant. The restaurants he chooses are not so famous, and he is an ordinary man (Is he handsome? it depends on the person), so at first sight, it seems difficult to be a TV drama, but it is interesting.

During the drama, we can hear his mind’s voice. We can hear why he chooses the restraunt and some dishes. He tastes dishes fully and enjoys himself. I like Goro’s reaction toward some dishes, and his expression. When he ate Korean BBQ, he got excited and said that “Now I am a human thermal power plant”.

Kodokuno Gurume

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