Barbra Streisand vs Delta Rae

We are talking about websites today and I just want to point out that these artists are pretty different from each other. They are well known in their field of style, but obviously Streisand has been around much longer then Delta Rae.

Just to give you a bit of a background on the artist Streisand she grew up in Brooklyn, New York and then moved to Manhattan to become a cabaret singer. She didn’t attend college, but she has received a series of golden records. She is 74 years of age and is still touring.

Delta Rae consists of five part group which three are siblings their names are Ian Hölljes (vocals and guitar), Eric Hölljes (vocals, guitar, piano and keys), and Brittany Hölljes (vocals). Later on in 2010 they added three more and their names are Mike McKee (percussion), Elizabeth Hopkins (vocals), and Grant Emerson (bass guitar). Delta Rae’s name comes from a folklore story that Hölljes’s mother use to tell about the character Delta Rae and how Delta Rae summoned the Greek Gods to Earth. Delta Rae is from Durham, North Carolina and have been active since 2009.

Pros and Cons of Streisand’s Website

Streisand has been very active in the arts from music, acting, writing, and movies, that the thought of compiling it into a website sounds exhausting. The website is accessible for many fans, which is nice, and it has all of her past endeavors mixed with opinion articles that she has written. Maybe that is why her website is subpar and not as beautiful as her younger counter part like Idina Menzel.

The reason I say the website is subpar is because she has so many uneven headers that aren’t easy to read because they are busy. Plus all of her fans posts make it extremely unprofessional especially when she already has social media to communicate with her fans. Since her website is spammed by so many fans and blog posts it ends up with this forum feel, like Barbra Streisand Reddit or something of that nature. Basically there’s too much going on and it’s very deterring to go to that website for any reason.

Pros and Cons of Delta Rae’s Website

The website is very easily accessible when I google their name, and the color/photo layout on the website is well done. There’s a newsletter sign up right away which is nice. The website is functional it doesn’t look like bots took it over or anything and it also doesn’t look like you are going to receive a virus if you click on something. Only problem there’s nothing on there, literally almost nothing.

I’m sorry but five tour dates and social media page links isn’t going to cut it. Fans, labels, investors, marketers want to see who you are as an artist and on this website all I know is that they are a band from North Carolina. I can’t click to see any of their content, there’s no bio for the members, and there’s no past events or merchandise to buy. WHAT ARE YOU DOING DELTA RAE! Seriously do they not want a career by not having an option to look at gear or give away a free song or two? What a difficult life to lead for them.

Streisand and Delta Rae

Basically they both need renovations, but Streisand’s website is better only by a small amount because I expect more from it especially since her son’s website is better then hers. Delta Rae hasn’t been around as long, but since they know so many people you would think they would be able to add more content especially since they are so active. I’m so happy I’m not their website builder because these would be an embarrassment.