Taken it On

Business Course 333 is challenging; financially, and expectation wise. I’m basically running inside my head figuring out how prepared or unprepared I’ll be when I arrive down at SXSW. Scott (my professor) is doing a wonderful job prepping us, but obviously we all have doubts about our abilities. Maybe those doubts come from not actually knowing ourselves yet because we are in our twenties.

McNally Smith College is helping me guide myself in a normal direction career wise, which is wonderful because I had a time in my life that I was jumping up and down from music to Poet. I’m currently writing a song called “Merry go Round” kind of like a jazz/blues/pop song; to be honest, I don’t really know what to label the genre. Maybe the ambiguity of it all is a good thing.

So SXSW, I’m ecstatic, literally my heart pumps very fast every time I think about it. It’s only a few weeks away and Crywolf, Otep, and Kesha will be there. It’s a dream come true because I always wanted to see these bands in action. Also I’m really excited to work at the Black Heart and giving my skills and loyalty to the bands that will be performing.

All-in-all I’m motivated and energized for this experience. Everything. I’ve learned at First Avenue in Minneapolis and everything I’ve learned at McNally will push me forward at SXSW.