The Dilemma

To be or not to be is the question,
Tired I am of desire deprivation.
Seldom doth the flower bloom,
Drowning down in wordly gloom.
I had the ambition, I had a dream,
Pursue talents with certain gleam.
Alas ! These wishes didn’t last so long,
With power came responsibility along.

Life indeed is not a bed of roses, 
Burdens and hurdles society imposes. 
Habits and tastes we ought compromise, 
Passing each day with subtle disguise.

Driven we are by this society’s might, 
Camouflaging sorrow with utter delight.
Strangulated I feel, dejected and low, 
Succumbing to failure in every blow.

Whether I traverse my unusual passion, 
Or accept society’s uncanny expectation. 
Family bindings that I cannot forego, 
Bound by superstitions of long ago. 
Guide O’ Almighty ! 
What path to strive on, 
Ultimate dilemma of my every dawn