Oh Marko!

So whatever makes you see 
Makes you believe 
And forget about the premonition you need to conceive 
The images they sell are Illusion and Dream 
In other words dishonesty
~Poets of the fall- Illusion and Dream
Album (Signs of Life) 2005

Cut to 2016.

If all the isms and doctrines of life were a gentle breeze instead of that usual judgmental freeze
Would we all be as easily shanghaied to their cause, as now we seem to object to every clause
And would we have that unerring nerve to go after our deepest desires with a similar verveWho would it serve?
~Poets of the fall- Drama for life 
Album 2016 (Clearview)

Nothing has changed. POTF will always be relevant and what makes their music so fluid and engaging is the way they describe life. Perfect wordings, perfect composition and the cherry on the ice cream cake; Marko’s voice. It fits in perfectly. No matter who you are or who you want to be you will still connect.

Comforting as well as gives us a hard taste of reality. The visions they weave in Twilight Theatre(2010) are euphemistic of the difference between reality and our fantasies.

If I had to choose my favorite song. I would choose Smoke and Mirrors (Twilight Theater). The lyrics are always on the tip of my tongue even now.

Do we even know who we are
Living like all life is forfeit
Like we can just go redefine it
Regardless what we broke

Who died and made us stars
With our intellectual gambits
Our millionaire flair and our antics
We’re like mirrors seen through smoke.

Human relationships defined you know. The gambits, the legacies, families, the plethora of relationships and then the punch line “We’re like mirrors seen through smoke”. Which I think is appropriate to humans as we keep looking at our reflection through the ‘smoke’ or fog of doubts, insecurities and emotions.