Keeping promising Relationship and crossing the bridge of life together in every situation.

Lots of situation come in every relationship. Some situation is ideal and some are not.

For e.g.: Sometimes people will judge you, stop you for some situation. But, when same situation is for them, then they won’t listen to you and will prove that you are wrong.

Their statement can be that they stopped you, to make you a better person. But now when you are stopping them, you don’t understand basic courtesy or this is what is networking or any damn reason considering what the situation is. 😊😊

Now your mind is confused and ask you a question.

Q) Were you wrong, or right? OR Is he/she being right or wrong today?

For above, there are 2 reactions to it:

1)Ignore what has happened, and see this wonderful scenario silently


2)Tell your partner what has gone wrong, for which you should be ready because there will be equal and opposite reactions.

Now question is: Will this discussion lead to some common end point or let me frame this way. Should I tell to my partner, that you are wrong this time.

Answer can be either ways: “Yes” or may be “No”.

However, I will prefer, “Yes” and I will tell you why.

Because if you won’t say anything now, then someday in future, this discussion will evolve at some another heated topic/argument and gradually it will become so rough that you won’t even able to solve your current problem/situation with this pile on of previous situation 😊

Few years later, you won’t be talking to each other about anything and will say to someone that everything is ruined and we don’t even remember from which topic our argument started.

With my understanding of 35 Years, I have only understood 1 thing. If both of them want to make it work, they will definitely make it work. No matter what the situation is. If love is there between two people, then you will make sure that you will love your partner the same way you loved him/her from Day 1 you with them. And If not, then even a small baby argument can put a full stop to any relationship.



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