Realization (part 2)

So let me start with where i left-

Your mind must be hovered with the questions like -" When does a person come to his senses and understands that he is failing? What is the age? Is this the time person becomes mature?" Etc.

I think many of you must have the answers already but for those few of you who didnt get the time to think, let me tell you.

So people have you ever done mistakes? 
" oh what is she even asking?"
Yes yes I know everyone does so do you.
Have your days been so cruel that you have done mistakes each day and may be you have repeated few many times but still unaware of the fact that you are being tested. But in this series of failure I bet you learn a lot because Everytime there is a new mistake. Something new to know about yourself that you were not aware of earlier. 
So its ok to fail in life as many time as possible best part being you unaware of the same. 
But there comes a time when your failures will start poking you, they will start bothering you because you will feel that something is not right.

Now this time for everyone is different, it has no definite age, it is just the time for a person when they realize. They realize that they have been failing in different ways.
They have been failing to stand to small things in life, they have failed to catch the train on time because they woke up late, they failed to pick up there umbrella from where they kept because they are careless and lost, they have failed to smile at a person who smiled back at you because they were lost somewhere, they have failed to stop themselves from doing useless activities because they didnt realize.

They didn't realize that how in an amazing manner were they failing. But there comes a time when you are aware that you will fail today and STILL YOU FAIL.

This the REALIZATION, this is time and this is the age.

The person who introspects regularly realize it earlier and those who don't realize a little later.

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