Guys have u ever thought how does it feel when nothing goes right? Every day you wake up with a new bright and shining smile but end your day with the same disappointment again and again.

This life conducts as much test as possible, also gives enormous chance. Its on you how you utilize them and pass in the exam or fail if not appeared well.

And one of the very intresting fact that life starts testing you from the day you are born ,its just that you are unware. Because when you are samll you have the biggest support ever, your parents, who help you cross all your hurdles with ease. 
And now I understand why our parents used to scold us when we went wrong in life? Why they were so worried? Its all because they appeared in all the exams and were aware of how if failed in this test then what consequences my child has to face. 
They helped us as much and as far as possible. But one day you have to grow up, one day you have to appear in the test alone. 
The best thing is that even then u r unaware about the fact that you are giving a test all alone unless you fail.

Do you know best thing about failure? Every person fails that too not only once. They fail and fail and fail and keep failing unless they meet this thing "ONGOING NON STOP TEST".
Isn't this intresting that we keep failing in different aspects of life and we didnt even realize because no body ever told us about this. This was niether taught at school nor at home. This is something we called "SELF LEARNING".

Your mind must be hovered with the questions like -" When does a person come to his senses and understands that he is failing? What is the age? Is this the time person becomes mature?" Etc.

So let me tell you or I think I should give u guys some time to think. If you have the answers comment or else wait for my next blog. 
Ill b back tomorrow.