Why it’s hard to report “the truth”
Paul Dughi

I think media bias is more present in what they chose to investigate and how diligent they are, and it isn’t in most cases result of some top down directive, but more of the cognitive biases of the author caused by his belonging to a certain social strata.

Obama’s birth origin and Trump’s ties to Russia are tabloid topics bordering on conspiracy theories. But what the media failed at, is giving attention to more subtle systemic issues.

Covering in detail financing of political campaigns, problematizing trade policies in context of their impact on communities. Drawing attention to the tight grip that corporate sphere has on the political establishment.

A journalist, having a qualification which fits well into post-industrial economy, might view issues like free trade in a different light than person with high-school education living in the Rust Belt. I had a similar blind spot until recently: “yes there are some problems, but in the end, it will work itself out”, as we now see, it didn’t.

In retrospect, I view my former worldview as intellectually lazy and self-serving.

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