*Relationship to Lustationship*

Love, a phase of life that turns everything ups and down. The word itself is amazing that activates the hormones. Things seems to be new, life seems to take a restart, you think yourself the perfect one on earth and your partner in your view is the best person on earth with no mistakes, flaws.

But in every transformations, one thing is even changing. Love is no more love in most of the cases. People become friends but with a new tag line of "friends with benefit", love comes with an own perception of authority over mind, body, house and bed. Earlier the depth of love was measured in trust and line" khao meri kasam" and amazing change has even changed the parameter of love measurement. Now intimacy is new and diversified parameter on which we give certification to relationships. I am his because I have been in intimate relationship, they are nice couple because they are together for years and now they are even very close.

I don't know what is changing...we are changing, surrounding is changing or our perception of adjusting in modern world is changing. Virginity should never be the reason of judging someone but at least virginity should not be the building blocks of the relationships. Once I met a guy who was cute, charming, decent and obviously funky. Someone asked him to be in relation he replied very sweetly k sb kch k lie I will be ready bs future ka commitment me nai pdna. They started a new journey of life..Watching movies, clubs, pubs, dinner were the sweet steps they were taking to build the relationship. Happy with each other they thought to take their love to the level where where final certification is done that u r mine, m loyal to u. i m all yours and all the bullshits. Today's lovers are very fearless in moving to bed but are very fearful when comes to future.

Why to call it love if its shifting its need from seeing you smiling to crying in pain. If streetfood pleasure changes to drinking in home, from going to watch movie to booking rooms..Better give a name "LUSTATIONSHIP"...

Feeling is just left out in the crunches of bedsheets and tears in eyes. As everything ends up you come to know that you not even left up to call yourself that u r yours. Because in getting his/her love all you left is with hollow body, stressed mind and a habit that you start craving for....Love is not craving and if its craving, darling its lust......
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