It’s scary. It is extremely perplexing, to adult. It is to that stage so daunting that anyone who seems to have a good grip over life seems like an enigma. But recently, after more and more interactions with people of varied walks, I have realized that people more often than not put up that front of having everything together to fool themselves more than others. It makes each day easier to get through by putting on a plastered confidence and pretending that there is no issue at hand. Weeks seem less stretched out when we ignore the presence of that one boss who is being a plain prick, that one heartbreak which is just hard to shake off, that one grade which is going to screw our entire career over.

I am not going to sit here and even attempt to come up with a solution for any of these issues, cause guess what? I am adulting and screwing up here too. Big time. Many a times, I am just as guilty of putting up a strong front to cover up the pain and issues.

That confidence unfortunately also has its expiry for sure. There are days where all the cards come tumbling down, when everything becomes too much. And on those days, now that I am taking a moment to reflect , I have realized how dependent I am on my close knit circle.

I for sure would not have made it to lab on break down day, if work-wifey had not given me those words of motivation, or cracked a joke to make me feel a bit more equipped for that day. I definitely could have moped for days about how hard the fam was with me, had boo not stayed up into the wee hours of her day and bandaged the hurt. The close ones sat and gave a shoulder while I cried it out on my sofa at the end of a rough day. Days didn't get easier, problems didn't fade but they became bearable. And for these little small acts of kindness, I am more than grateful for my people.

So maybe what I wanted to ignite with this random journalling of thoughts is the need to pause for a moment. Pause. Look around and acknowledge the family who lifts you up when you are broken. We all are out here, juggling something or the other. So let’s take a second and be grateful to those who keep us going when they themselves are probably caught in some downpour. Cause let’s be honest, adulting, is no joke.

PS. If someone could give me those childhood days back where I cribbed about that compound interest sum I wasn't getting, I would owe them for a life time.



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