Aiming for Smart Warehousing? Get the Basics First!

There always is a considerable time gap between production and consumption of goods. The goods are meant to be kept safely until they’re delivered to the people and hence, warehouses are required by all kinds of manufacturers.

The transportation of these goods is also done in an organized and systematic manner. The undying importance of safekeeping and transportation of the goods accounts for the ongoing demand of both warehouses and logistics parks in india.

The warehouse owners offer manufacturing space for lease which is further utilized by the manufacturers to meet the demands of the consumers. These manufacturing spaces are also personalized with ultra-modern technologies in order to cater to the expectations of the people and provide an exceptional user-experience.

Smart warehouses have smart features such as automation and real-time control applied to their equipment so as to decrease the manual labor and elevate the speed. These tools and techniques also assure the workers of proficiency and accuracy- which is another reason why more and more warehouses are taking the smarter way up. But getting the basics right is as important as adopting technologies and innovation.

Here’s a list of basic facilities that every warehouse must contain in order to achieve safety and efficiency.

Fire extinguishers: Fire can take place even in the cases of minute negligence. Since warehouses contain huge amount of finished goods- manufactured with a great amount of hard work- fire can result into a major loss to the manufacturer. Hence, fire extinguishers are must.

Emergency exits: Human loss is even worse than material loss. A warehouse must have emergency exits and escaping routes set up- for the events of natural disaster and calamities. Every section of warehouse must contain individual exits so that evacuation can happen at a faster pace.

First aid kits: There is a high probability of workers experiencing injuries during shipment, loading and unloading of heavy equipment. The presence of first aid kits therefore serves a great purpose in ensuring the well-being of laborers.

Spill kits: Spills of oil and other fuel are common phenomenon inside warehouses. But to ensure that these spills do not spoil and harm the products, spill kits are designed. These kits absorb the spills of liquid and maintain the cleanliness of the floors.

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