Everything You Wanted To Know About Your 2 Wheeler Insurance!

This insurance provides protection against natural and manmade calamities like: fire, rockslide, landslide, storm, hurricane, flood, earthquake, burglary, theft, riots or any damage caused to the vehicle in transit by road, air, inland waterway or rail.

For most of us, bikes or scooters may be the first vehicle we have owned in our life. As important it is to have them, equally important is to protect them from all the hazards of the roads. Thus, it’s important to have coverage with a 2 wheeler insurance policy that covers the vehicle against natural and man-made mishaps like: fire, tremor, tempest, flood, earthquake, burglary, theft, riots or any damage caused to the vehicle in transportation by road, air, inland waterway or rail.

Now you don’t have to get in touch with agents to get a two wheeler insurance policy. You can get it online in a more convenient way. Online purchasing of these policies is both cost-effective and time saving. However, before you buy the policy, whether online or offline, it’s important that you have some basic information about the cover. The first thing to know is that a two wheeler cover comes in two choices; comprehensive & third party. Third party is compulsory by the law, which covers only liabilities for injury, demise or damage of third party’s property during the incident.

Did you know that your all-inclusive protection policy also covers third-party liability?

2 wheeler insurance provides mandatory personal accident cover of Rs. 2 lakh to the insurer/owner driver, this accident cover can also be opted for pillion rider. It also protects against legal liabilities arising due to third party injury/death or damage caused to its property.

With this cover, your policy bears all the losses done to a third person in the event of everlasting injury or death caused by your bike or scooter. Not only this, the cover is also extended to harm caused to the assets or belongings of another person by your covered vehicle. This cover can be of great help in protecting your savings by way of paying compensation to the injured third party. This type of coverage also offers a breather in case of lawful accountability taking place from accidents or property harm and eases you off the worries of legal measures.

There are also chances that you, i.e., the rider or the owner, can also endure an accident or any similar mishap which may cause damage or injury. In such case, the cover is of great help. It offers an amount in case there is disability or passing away of the driver or owner. The personal accident insurance is a default advantage on hand as a part of the tariff of the comprehensive two wheeler cover and does not need the payment of any additional premium. One of the most imperative aspects of two wheeler insurance, which you should be aware of, is the own damage (OD) premium, which you pay to the company for coverage above the third-party cover. The expense of this premium permits you to claim recompense in case of damages to your own insured vehicle, lest natural calamities.

Remember your bike or scooter coverage not only gives you a defense against unforeseen things, but also lessens your economic load cropped up during accident and gives you the peace of mind. After all, your 2 Wheeler Insurance is about freedom, the two wheeler insurance policy has been planned to set you free from worries!

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