Investing in gold

Why invest?

There was a time when money and currency were a synonym. But it is no anymore true.

Purity indicators & ounce definition

You might have heard names like “24 carats gold” or “999.9 pure gold”. Let me explain that.

Why 1-ounce gold coin is the best choice?

We need to explain two price shares.

Royal Mint’s 1 ounce Britannia head. Details are astonishing.
  • 1 oz South African Krugerrand, 917 gold, mixed with copper.
  • 1 oz American Eagle, 917 gold, mixed with silver (3%) and copper (5.33%).
  • 1 oz British Britannia and 1 oz Canadian Maple, 999.9 gold with amazing, modern security features.
  • 1 oz Australian Kangaroo and 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic, 999.9 gold, but without any security features.

Certificates & Bars

Don’t bother with the certificates for coins. Some dealers offer to sell them for an additional small fee. Don’t bother. There is no direct connection between that exact coin and the certificate. Unless there is a number or id like it is with the bars. But it is not the case with coins. Someone can swap the coins and sell the fake one with a genuine certificate. A buyer would verify the coin anyway, so why waste money.

How to verify?

First things first, DO WEAR GLOVES. Cotton, latex, or rubber gloves are fine. You want your coin to be clean. If you touch it with your hands, you will leave on it spots of oil and sweat. Yes, that is bullion without numismatic value. But you want the coin to be clean and look brand new. Everybody likes the new look, not tired or worn-out. If you damage it, you won’t be able to sell that for the full price anymore.

American Eagle 1 oz silver — fake vs real — heads
American Eagle 1 oz silver — fake vs real— tails

Where to buy your first gold coin?

If you are a beginner, I suggest buying in worldwide known shops, ex. you can check for Perth Mint distributors at


Don’t make a halo about your latest buy. The fewer people know, the better. Money loves silence. Real money likes it twice. Find your secret spot to hide your gold and don’t post photos on Instagram.

Other precious metals

Gold is not the only precious metal. The most commons besides gold are silver, platinum, and palladium. But in most countries, they are subject to the VAT tax. But that is an intro to a completely different story.

Feedback needed

If you have a question, leave a comment, and I will answer, or even enrich this article with the description. Thanks!



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