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Video shows conditions of children in Bangladesh

Teach for Bangladesh (TfB) is an organization that is committed to causing systemic change in education. Bangladesh is a country that is engrossed by poor quality of education. The lack of education affects government, commerce, and quality of life.

To change the equity of education TfB promotes and facilitates a two year fellowship program that prepares graduates to work in careers that impact education. I was recently part of a team that was tasked with redesigning the organization’s website. The focus of the website is to manage the…

Rose, a mental health platform that supports providers in administering and managing care to patients, recently engaged General Assembly to redesign their website. A great deal of design strategy went into developing a high fidelity prototype. How did we create a brilliant design? Read below to find out.

Context Of Product

UX Designers focus on understanding how a product is used and helps to define areas for improvement to establish the success of implemented changes. During this assignment we learned about the product by looking at the current website ( and websites of companies in the same product category; Wysa…

Case Study: HubDC.Tech- Connecting Through Challenges

DC’s tech scene is a unique melting pot of GovTech, incubators, accelerators, and soon to be home to Amazon’s HQ2. The City of DC’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) is looking to capitalize on this tech activity by developing HubDC.Tech. This resource is designed to facilitate collaboration and innovation in the Washington DC tech community. We were recently engaged by OCTO to design a prototype that facilitates the opportunity for tech companies to sponsor solution challenges (hacks) and people within the tech community to participate in those events. …

Importance of Subjective Studies

It is common in the business world to make decisions based on quantified results. Prior to those results are actions that can be measured in a qualitative manner. Making the abstract real is a challenge for all businesses and at the same time is becoming increasingly important. As competition increases and market share becomes challenging capturing qualitative data becomes the difference between success and failure. This idea was applied in a recent study that examined We provided User feedback of two features: “Scale: Recruiting for StartUps” and “Stride: Technical Strategy”. …

Building on Features is a test product for an up and coming open source tool. By making it easy for anyone to record or listen to stories during global events, the site hopes to lay the groundwork for a scalable product that facilitates getting granular and high-level insights from voice data. Using recordings as a baseline the site aims to provide a data set that can be used by medical professionals.

According to a study conducted in 2017, mobile apps accounted for nearly half of the global internet traffic. …

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