7 Days on the Internet Rules

I use the term “rules” here quite loosely, perhaps it’s more of a code. The Code to #7DaysOnTheInternet.

Its really just 3 main steps:

  1. Write about you. Whatever you feel like sharing in that moment about yourself, make sure it’s the real you writing, and not someone you wish were.
  2. Tag Your friends. At the end of each post, each day you should tag at least 10 ten friends, for me I tagged everyone who would have been a part of my life during the journey, or event I talk about that day.
  3. Use the Hashtag #7DaysOnTheInternet. This hashtag is not just another social media “thing”, it’s a movement, it’s a statement to everyone joining the challenge, that you are willing to share the real you. Make sure that all your friends use the hashtag too..

..And that’s it. It is really that simple so I’ll see you with your hashtags, you bet I’ll be looking out for your hashtags.


You’re It!