The Revolution of Stock Photo Industry is here!

In my last Medium article, I asked the question if the stock photo industry has a future.

At the end of the very same post, I hinted that I already have a solution in my mind.

Now, let me introduce my brand new startup — Stockgrammer.

What’s the revolutionary stuff?

I also mentioned last weekends’ research. I found that the top 3 main pain points from the marketers side was the following:

  1. The available photos are too mainstream. (Lack of uniqueness)
  2. The really good ones are already downloaded 1000 times. (Lack of limitation)
  3. You can tell for first look that it’s a stock photo. (Lack of 

My startup has a solution for all this at once.

Working with professional influencers

With our custom-tailored solution, we can create an unprecedented connection with Instagram through its API, making our professional influencers’ photos accessible in their former, original glory.

With this, we can kill two birds with one stone.

With the help of the influencers, we’re not just able to ensure the unending flow of unique and authentic photos (which we can limit in availability without running out of content.), but we can support influencers to earn a (semi-)passive income as well…

What’s the next step?

Well, in the first round, I need to validate the product.

On an idea-level it’s good, but we have seen many unsuccessful startups with good idea — just a good idea is not enough.

I spend last night to build the website where you can subscribe to Stockgrammer’s email list, indicating that you’re interested in the product.

If you’re a marketer/small business owner in need of next generation stock photos OR you’re an influencer, looking for an opportunity to earn passive income check my service and subscribe to the list.— The Revolution of the Stock Photo Market.