A glimpse into the future of architectural storytelling

Escaping reality is one of the most archaic practices of society. For hundreds of years we have found ways to dip our toes into the vastness and mystery of imagination. Artists/visionaries can see the beauty of all things in the most ordinary forms. Guiding signposts such as freedom from outcome, momentum, scale and repetition are some of the underlying principles that are found across all fields of practice. They empower us to become more, to constantly shed our previous selves and grow into a greater possibility. This growth is not necessary, but it is what every human being innately longs for.

Today, the ability to connect to masses has fundamentally changed how, when, and where we exchange information. Now, everybody is in sales. Everybody has their own brand, even if they are unaware of it. We have entered the land of information abundance.

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a short video clip created by DBOX on the Jade Signature building. Inspired, I started to see a clear correlation between storytelling, sales and architecture. These videos not only immerse the consumer in a warm embrace but generate potent brand value. Architectural visualization is the lubrication between the ideas of the designers and the experience of consumers. What I see as a problem/opportunity however, is the requirement of such an agency to portray structures that are not physically built yet. With the rise of VR technology we could potentially see arbitrage in tourism, real estate and pretty much all forms of visual communication, but that tech is years away. How would an agency like DBOX scale itself to the point where it starts utilizing more context, creating feedback loops in media, allowing communities to project their experiences of the design before it is even executed and in turn gaining the intent to contribute to society by becoming the world’s most cutting edge visual communications agency?

Please feel free to leave any thoughts/comments below, Thank you for taking the time to read this.