A manager like Window-opener OR Leader like Door-knocker

Manager loves planning vs Leader who inspires.

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Don’t let the perfect be enemy of the good. Our corporate world is no different than any other segment of this world.

There are 2x different kinds of people, so let’s go through them -

Manager like Window-opener

There are managers in this world who loves to see the world through the window. Managers who love to chalk out the plan and see the result through the glass. They keep asking to refine the plan and look for perfection until the view from the window looks perfect.

Have you reviewed the test impacts and are there more planning needed on that aspect?

They review and review and review and …until it looks all perfect or they get into time pressure to complete. And then… they decide to open the window. They expect the expected result and be happy on the job well delivered. Such managers are in abundance.

They excel in a well-defined project scope with limited variability.

The problem with this is they see the world through the window, hence it’s limited. The solution expected are on same/similar line as per expectation.

Leader like Door-knocker

There is another school of people, generally leaders, who are like door openers. They will open the new doors and see what comes. They are supremely confident in their ability about the outcomes.

Even if the outcome is “not good”, they take it as key learning on how to handle. After that, they move on to the next door.

No bother, we tried our best on this. Let's document these key learnings and Monday will be a new day to start exploring …

This way, their breadth of knowledge will go up as they will have experience in all kind of situations.

Window-knocker will say “Go”, whereas door-knocker “Let’s go” 🏃‍♂️

Depending upon the industry, company mission and the project scope, there is a need for either kind of people, be it window-opener or door-knocker.

Projects on pure maintenance will be more of operational mode, where the window-openers will thrive more. It’s a defined approach, as those projects

Projects(or rather products) which are in research /development phase in a fast-paced world, projects which are getting delivered quickly to get the customer feedback and then work on the refinement ….needs more of leaders who are door-knockers. If one fails, they knock the next one.

Depending upon the situation, there might be a need for both in this corporate world.

So what are you? A door-knocker or/and window-opener? Or both?

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Software Project Manager🕗, Freelance Photographer 📸, Weekend Chef👩‍🍳, Bowler to a junior 🏏

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