“This is a story Inspired by and dedicated to all Feminines including Women in Technology across the Globe.”

They are the real architects of Society, Empower the women around you….

Woman, is the most beautiful and the most important creation. The only reason for our existence. No matter in what form they are with you, your Mother, your Sister, Daughter, friend, Lover or your Wife, they make our world so beautiful.

When we talk about different cultures across the world, there is a special place for Women, though ! …

Einstein: Is it the theory of Relativity? or what is the Idea | Need | Purpose | Use in our daily lives.

Let’s take a Example of your mobile operator (say Vodafone), the operator keeps on collecting data for its user related to :

  • What is the regular recharge which the user takes.
  • What is the Call plan the user takes most often.
  • Approximate amount of outgoing calls.
  • How frequently the user buy a recharge for his mobile.
  • How much data does his mobile consume.

If you look at this closely, you’ll find this is very useful data from Operator point of view, now the operator is aware of what you expect, and finally one day you receive a text which gives…

Akash Mishra

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