Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar edhi is a person who does not need any introduction in Pakistan. He is running the largest charity network. He is loved and respected by all. I had a chance to read the Autobiography of Abdul Sattar edhi by Tehmina Durrani.

abdul sattar edhi

The book really inspired me. Its first chapter is about sacrifices that he have done in order to help people. The story of death of his grandson left me in tears and I realized the efforts of Edhi sahab in order to help people as he missed the burial of his grandson. He stated:

This suffering is unbearable even for a man who have never flinched in the face of pain.
My work had taken over my life.

In the chapter two he shared his family history and i really can relate to this. He came from a middle class family like me. His mother married twice and so does my mother. So i really felt a connection of the mental sufferings as being the child.

The story I can relate myself the most to is how he helped handicapped. During my child hood I used to live in a village which is very small and far away. In our neighborhood there was a boy who was mentally and physically handicapped. He was wheel chair bounded ans was not able to speak. People from my village use to avoid his house as they believed that family the was cursed.He was the only child so his mother kept him neat and clean all the time.

At start I was afraid of him and had superstitious believes about him. My mother is a very kind women. She made his mother friend and use to console her. She even helped her in taking his son to doctors and convinced her husband. My mother used to visit his house very often and I accompanied my mother at start out of curiosity.

Later when I realized how harmless he was I made good friendship with him. I used to play with him. He was very innocent and cute. The following quote of Edhi sahab’s mother remind me of him,

These people are as innocent as babies, they know nothing of the world where they have to live as adults.Theirs is the worst plight.

The boy I knew died a few years ago but after that I have never been afraid of such people. I wish I could have done more for him. I would suggest people to just go out and have an experience with the handicapped. They are the most loyal , simple and loving people.